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The iTunes Plugin can be used free of charge.

If you like the program and want to support cutting-edge Newton programming,
you can send U$ 10 to Eric Schneck's PayPal™ account:

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The handy iTunes Newton Plug-in is brought to you by Eric Schneck (NYC, NY). The astounding Newton MAD MP3 player is a 40hz/Eckhart Köppen (SJ, CA) project. The original MAD MP3 decoder was written by Robert Leslie (SD, CA). This web site is provided by Roman Pixell (STHLM, Sweden).

Most pictures on this web were either donated from Newton users or taken from other websites. Some pictures are original graphics, made essentially for this web site, some are modified or otherwise manipulated images. Many thanks go to Apple Computer Inc., where we found many of the pictures used for the production of this web site. Apple Computers is in no way affiliated with this web site.

If you are the appropriate owner of any of the graphics used for this non-profit project and if you feel uncomfortable with us borrowing your artwork, please drop us a message an we will change the contents of this page according to your requests. Our apologies for not asking first - it would simply take us to long.

The Newton iTunes plug-in and MAD player have been mentioned, discussed or reviewed here: [the actual link] [the actual link] [the actual link]
LANUG [the actual link]

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