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Here comes the software you have been waiting for - the iTunes plug-in for Newton. Plug in, tune in, drop the bass...
It might not beat the iPod synchronization, but just you wait!

iTunes 3 excluded
The Newton iTunes plug-in does not include a copy of the recent iTunes application. In fact, it will only work with iTunes 1&2, which you will have to download separately! iTunes is a Mac user must have. It sorts, shuffles, plays, imports, exports, burns, slices and dices MP3's and other audio file types. If you don't have iTunes yet, get it from the official iTunes pages.

Lo-Fi Music
With Eckhart Köppens great MAD player for Newton, you can enjoy skip-free MP3 audio at 64kbit/s and 22khz enconding. Other bitrates work as long as the sample rate is either 22 or 44.1khz, which is more than enough for a decent quality audio book.

Take parts of your MP3 collection for a spin
Sure, you can't have it all, but there is a good chance you can grab at least parts of your collection and go nomad!

The possibility of syncronizing the Newton with iTunes will open up for other Newton products and create a new market for new software titles and hardware accessories such as ATA drivers, memory cards, USB dongle killers, interconnect-to-earplug adaptors and many more.

Goes with you anywhere

There is nowhere your music can't go, really.

The iTunes plug-in reveals a new dimension of music sharing with your friends. Since the Newton has no hardware or software lock, you can now take your favourite music between different computers without hacking the applications.

Large screen, 802.11b compatibility, 20 days operating time, audio recording and agenda syncronization with your desktop computer is included.


One of the key features of your Newton is that it never dies - it just gets new batteries. Five years after its demise, the newton still rocks your socks...

If you use iTunes and Newton, there is no reason for not using them together. With Eric Schnecks plug-in for iTunes installed, you will be be able to simply dock and transfer your favourite music directly from the music library of your Mac. Simple as that.

Everything is easier on a Newton™.

Wireless MP3 transfer?
As an industry first, we are delighted to present wireless MP3 syncronization to your Newon. Paired with the WLAN driver and a compatible card, the Newton will connect to and mirror a chosen music directory on your Mac.

The current build of the iTunes plug-in does not support connections to iTunes for OS X or Windows, even though we haven't said the last word yet. Don't take this for a promise, but OS X is for sure on the hitlist.

Until later announcments, boot to Classic if you want to put your music in your pocket.




Ethernet Connectivity
If you want a fast lane into the music heaven, get yourself an Ethernet card. With a compatible Ethernet card, you will be able to access your Macintosh via TCP/IP or EtherTalk from the built-in Dock application.

Slow transfer...
Good or bad, depending on how you see it, the Newton was created well before modern standards were around. Hence, neither FireWire nor USB are supported.

Instead, the Newton MessagePad 2000/2100 sports a unique autosensing InterConnect port which can transfer your MP3's at a blazingly fast 38kbps. If you value your time, leave the transfer overnight. storage
The Newton does not carry any fragile hard drives, instead you can store up to 64Mb of music thanks to the two full-size PCMCIA expansion slots. The Newton uses Linear Flash, expensive and rare, but damn quick!

As soon as Paul Gyot's ATA driver will be released to the public, your Newton will...

Carry up to 10GB of music, equalling countless hours of blockbuster beats. ATA memory chips are cheap and come in many flavours. You can find ATA PCMCIA memory cards as large as 5GB for considerably less money than Linear Flash. With its two expansion slots, your MP can carry up to 10GB of media files.

The largest Compact Flash ATA cards today are available in sizes up to 512MB.

The necessary ATA drivers for using Compact Flash memory are currently under development. If you want to give Paul Gyot's beta drivers a try, the ATA project pages can be found here. In order to use Compact Flash, you will need a CF adapter.

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iTunes Newton Plug-in is brought to you by Eric Schneck (NYC, NY).
Newton MAD player is a 40hz/Eckhart Köppen (SJ, CA) project.

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